About me

untitledI am Darren Searle, the sports pharmacist. My aim is to integrate my knowledge of all things pharmacy with my love for sport, to help people gain a better understanding of what’s happening with their health and health conditions; and how any medications they might take can impact their sports.

With 15 years experience as a qualified pharmacist, I have spent my career working in dispensaries of retail pharmacies across Adelaide. This has allowed me to cement the medication knowledge I learned at university, as well as gain vital real world experience dealing with every day health related problems faced by my customers.

Outside of my daily duties as a pharmacist, I am an avid racing cyclist. Beginning my cycling endeavors as more of an irregular recreational activity, my passion steadily grew and I started my racing career at the age of 31. I now train most days of the week, with a focus on road races and, in particular, time trials.

With a strong interest in pharmacy and a passion for cycling, I am keen to share the details of what ticks through my mind with others!


2012 – State Championships – MMAS1 – 3rd place

2013 – State Championships – MMAS1 – 3rd place

2014 – State Championships – MMAS1 – 1st place

2015 – State Championships – MMAS2 – 2nd place

2016 – State Championships – MMAS2 – 4th place

2017 – State Championships – MMAS2 – 2nd place

2018 – State Championships – MMAS2 – 1st place

2019 – State Championships – MMAS2 – 1st place

2019 – National Championships – MMAS2 – 10th place

2020 – State Championships – MMAS3 – 2nd place

2021 – State Championships – MMAS3 – 4th place