About this site

This site is all about health, medications and sport. As a registered pharmacist with 15 years experience in the retail setting, I am able to apply my knowledge of medicines and health conditions to the sports setting. Being a masters level racing cyclist myself also helps with this, as I am familiar with what competitive athletes put themselves through on a daily basis.

You may find there is a bit of a trend towards cycling in some of my posts. That is, quite simply, because I love cycling! So I will apologize in advance if you find my referral to two-wheeled activities a bit annoying!

My intention is to inform people about their health conditions and the medications they take to help manage these health conditions; and educate people on how these things may have an impact on their sporting endeavours. I am also able to help people treat and resolve any issues they may be experiencing with their health, as a result of the sport they love so much!

While I try to include as much content in my articles as possible, I unfortunately cannot provide enough information to suit every individual out there……we are all unique with our health! Before you begin or change any exercise regime or sporting endeavour, take any new medications, or make changes to your regular medications, be sure to consult with your GP or pharmacist to ensure it is okay to do so.

Of course, as a pharmacist myself, I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. So if you have something on your mind, please, feel free to ask!

*Content found on this site may not be re-produced without permission from the sports pharmacist