New Rules For Steroid Injections

On the 1st of January this year, WADA updated their Banned Substances List, as they do every year. Minor changes are usually made, such as varying the dosing allowances for asthma medications. However, quite a significant change occurred this year.....glucocorticoid injections are now completely banned "in competition". But what does this mean? WHAT EXACTLY ARE… Continue reading New Rules For Steroid Injections

New Asthma Guidelines – What They Mean For Athletes

For the past 30 years, asthma treatments in Australia have remained relatively consistent. Mild asthma, where attacks are infrequent, has always been treated with "as needed" doses of salbutamol (Ventolin), which is a short acting beta agonist (a type of stimulant). Inhaled corticosteroids (an anti-inflammatory), often combined with a long acting beta agonist, are usually… Continue reading New Asthma Guidelines – What They Mean For Athletes