Magnesium supplements for cramps

Cramps. Most of us have experienced them at some point in our sporting endeavours. Many of us feel a ping of sympathy when we see somebody else enduring a cramp. They hurt….a lot! They can stop you in an instant, leaving you rolling on the ground in agony, looking like a spoilt brat screaming for a chocolate bar at the supermarket!

When you exercise, your muscles undergo a lot of strain. You also sweat. Not just water, but some vital salts and minerals. A combination of these things can lead to muscle cramps. And they usually come at the worst point in time…..towards the pointy end of a game, race or training session. Right when you are already suffering!

So what can be done to help with cramping? Well, one fairly easy remedy is to try a magnesium supplement.  Magnesium is an essential mineral for the body to function properly. In particular, it helps with energy production, nerve conduction and muscle contractions. Unfortunately, many people lack adequate amounts of this mineral in their diet. Add to which, strenuous exercise can deplete magnesium from the body at a much faster rate than normal. A supplement of around 500mg a day can help restore your body’s magnesium levels, help to maintain your optimal exercise performance, and get rid of those pesky cramps!


Be careful not to overdo it though. One capsule a day is perfectly fine, but too much magnesium can cause stomach problems and give you some rather embarrassing adverse effects. Many people use magnesium in high doses for a laxative effect….obviously, this is not something you want to experience in the middle of an event or half way through a hard afternoon of training!

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