Cough medicine as a muscle relaxant?

Anybody who exercises on a regular basis will be familiar with the feeling of tight, stiff muscles. After a long, hard training session, and even venturing into the following day or two, sore muscles come with the territory....and if you're anything like me, muscle soreness is pretty much a never ending experience. Stretching, massage, hot… Continue reading Cough medicine as a muscle relaxant?

New Asthma Guidelines – What They Mean For Athletes

For the past 30 years, asthma treatments in Australia have remained relatively consistent. Mild asthma, where attacks are infrequent, has always been treated with "as needed" doses of salbutamol (Ventolin), which is a short acting beta agonist (a type of stimulant). Inhaled corticosteroids (an anti-inflammatory), often combined with a long acting beta agonist, are usually… Continue reading New Asthma Guidelines – What They Mean For Athletes

Why does my nose run more in winter?

Here in Australia, winter has officially arrived and settled in. This means cold days, colder nights, and rather chilly mornings......and for those who train outdoors, particularly cyclists and runners, it means one more thing. Your nose seems to run a hell of a lot more! Whenever we exercise outdoors, our nose produces mucus. The bushman's… Continue reading Why does my nose run more in winter?